Spending long hours working at a desk or on your feet is naturally very tiring and when we crawl back home after a long day we want to retreat to a place of rest and relaxation. This is why we go to such lengths to make our homes as comfortable as possible so we can enjoy it as soon as we get through the front door.

However, if you’re home feels like it isn’t very stress reducing; it may be a sign it could stand to have some added comforts. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to make your home more comfortable to live in.

Soundproofing windows and natural light

Windows can often seem like something that’s beyond alteration but there are actually some small changes you can make to improve them. By glazing your windows you can create a sound barrier that blocks the annoying sounds of the outside world while you’re trying to relax.

Windows are also, obviously, a source of natural light which is proven to impose our moods and make our homes less dreary. Open up those curtains and enjoy the natural light.

Air quality

Making sure that fresh air is circulating through your home is essential to keeping your health and mood up. People over underestimate how important fresh air is and will have a poorly ventilated house.

Install fly screen on your windows so you can open them without letting all the insects in. There’s nothing like some fresh night time air to help you relax after a long day.


While this might not sound very important, you’d be surprised by how much of a difference a comfortable floor can make. Think about it, you walk on hard surfaces when you’re out and about, so your home should have something softer.

While it’s not recommended to lay carpet everywhere, clever use of rugs adds softness to the floor that feels amazing, especially if you’ve been standing all day.

Get a pet

While this isn’t always practical, especially if you live in a unit that doesn’t allow pets, they are a great way to make your home more comfortable. Having a furry, snuggly friend who’s genuinely excited to see you come home (even if it’s just because you’ll feed them) is very gratifying and rewarding to come home to.

While there are plenty more ways to make your home more comfortable, the aforementioned methods are some of the easiest ways to make a instantly noticeable change.