For the majority of manufacturers, purchasing an industrial laser cutting machine from Koenig Machinery represents a significant investment. Not only because of the upfront costs, but because the purchase of such a device will have a significant impact on the manufacturing process from top to bottom. If you make the wrong choice, you may be forced to live with that mistakes for a long time before you can change.

So, what’s the best way to purchase a laser cutting machine at Koenig Machinery? If you already own one, when did you buy it? It may be time for an upgrade.

The following will discuss what you need to know prior to buying a laser cutting machine at Koenig Machinery.


What will you use it for?

The most important thing to figure out before buying a laser cutting machine is whether or not your firm actually needs it. Sometimes, a different system would be more appropriate for you depending on the type of goods you are manufacturing.

Depending on the volume at which you need to produce parts, another option might be more cost effective. A laser cutting machine is going to be most appropriate for high volumes of intricate etching, such as on computer parts.


Do I really need to invest in a laser cutting machine?

If you don’t have a unit then you would normally subcontract any work that required one to another firm with the capability. If you have a lot of freedom with lead times, then this approach can be suitable.

However, it might be time for your firm to bring the operation in-house by investing in a laser cutting machine. Even if you have a good dynamic with your subcontractor, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in something that improves your business.

But how will you know when the right time to invest is? Look at your monthly expenditures and determine if you are losing money by not owning your own unit.


Controlling the process

Other than issues with capital, manufacturers have other factors which they use to determine the suitability of investing in a laser cutting machine. Some questions that might get asked include:

  • How often do we lose money because of late delivery?
  • How often have we rejected parts for poor quality?
  • How would our image benefit from buying an in-house unit?
  • Where would we source it from?

There are plenty of different suppliers you could get your laser cutting machine from. Some dealers will specialise in pre-owned gear while others will offer brand new or refurbished units that may not have the same performance as something new but will be much cheaper.

Make sure that you speak with the supplier at length regarding post-purchase support with regards to warranties and maintenance. While modern units require less maintenance, if and when they fail you will want to have an expert repairing it as quickly as possible so that you can avoid disappointment.

As you can see, there quite a lot you need to consider when buying an industrial laser cutting machine. You need to ensure that it’s both the right fit for your operation and that you will be able to increase the reliability and quality of your output.

You also need to make sure you get a good deal and get adequate support after you’ve already spent your money with the supplier.