Quality massage chairs from inTouch Massage Chairs are known to have wonderful therapeutic effects. Hectic schedules can prolong stress and even menial office jobs can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) leaving your body in pain. The best massage chairs in inTouch Massage Chairs reduce this burdened load on our bodies. They can be used to relieve tension in our muscles and tendons, rejuvenate our ligaments, and can effectively sooth our bodies. The benefits of these devices are wide and far reaching.

Remedial recliners work through modern day mechanics. Depending on the model you use, different designs will use different mechanical acupressure techniques. Simple models will have basic vibrating elements. Others will have complex mechanisms to mimic a massage therapist.

To create these haptic vibrations, manufacturers use a weighted wheel or gear powered by an electric motor. Many of these devices are fitted across the unit to create stimulating relief. The best massage chairs come with sophisticated motorized designs. These vibrations are designed to point directly towards the user. Certain materials can dampen these vibrations, so careful selection of quality materials is made in the best massage chairs. Haptic technology is constantly increasing, as does its use in game control systems, or use for silent notification systems in mobile phones and other lifestyle products.

The best massage chairs work with a combination of gears, motors, rollers and vibrating mechanisms. Design for these recliners begins with the structural frame. This frame supports the mechanical movements. Rollers are the most common moving part. Rollers pivot along this frame to perform a variety of massage techniques. Common therapies include:

  • Kneading: when the rollers move around in a circular pattern
  • Rolling: when the rollers move up and down vertically
  • Tapping: when the rollers push in and out from the backrest
  • Shiatsu rolling techniques: where certain points, specifically on a user’s back, is targeted to relieve tension and pain.

The best massage chairs feature sophisticated microprocessor will that can record or perform pre-programmed kneading routines.



The best massage chairs provide wonderful therapeutic benefits. In addition to relaxing and loosening sore muscles, remedial recliners have been known to promote flexibility. Cramped nerves or muscles can contract restricting movements. Quality products will relieve stress, tension and anxiety by rubbing stiff joints and muscles.

Additionally, several studies have shown that these remedial treatments can boost the immune system and regulate high blood pressure. With improved blood circulation, these machines indirectly assist with headaches. Some of the best massage chairs feature heated pads, not only for maximum comfort, but to promote these benefits. These benefits pose a plethora of reason as to why use of recliners has been linked to improving sleep quality.

Arguably one of the greatest benefits from the best massage chair models, is to promote good posture. With office desk jobs on the rise, back pain is becoming very common with almost all adults experiencing some of these effects during their life. As the name recliner suggests, the best massage chairs recline, in other words lean or lie back to support the back to relieve pressure. This pain relief helps to decompress the spine. As the massage begins, pressure is relieved on nerves and rollers to positively align the spine. Machines with the most sophisticated cutting-edge versions of this technology use what manufacturers call zero gravity.

In addition to all these medical benefits, the best massage chairs are purposely designed to be very cost effective. Designed to replace medical therapists, high end remedial recliners can perform the same functions on demand. This very convenient benefit makes this innovation a worthwhile investment. And because just a robot is involved, it can become a very private treatment.