Do you ever find yourself getting distracted all the time at work? It could be anything from responding to text messages on your phone or quickly checking your Facebook on your work computer. Put simply, maintaining your focus at work can be really difficult, given the fact that there are so many distractions in the everyday office environment. If you’re under the pump at work, consider installing a busylight at your desk to minimize external distractions – like work friends and colleagues interrupting you for a chat. So, instead of wasting time chatting to work friends about weekend plans, leave your phone in your bag and place a work indicator at your desk. You’ll quickly see your productivity flourish! But that’s not all; let’s check out some of the big advantages of using a busylight.


What is a busylight?

You’re probably a little confused as to what this device actually is. Essentially, it is a small work indicator that is often placed on a worker’s desk or outside their office. It flashes a different colour, with each different colour representing a different state of activity. Put simply, one colour might mean “do not disturb”, another might mean the individual is not preoccupied at the present time. So how can these work indicators help you in the corporate world?


More time

Installing a status indicator at your desk can be really helpful if you’re looking to maximising your use of time. Perhaps you get side-tracked often? Or maybe your manager has told you that your output needs to improve in order to remain at the company? If either of these scenarios resonates with you, installing a busylight at your desk is a must.

If you’re working on something really important like an annual report for the company or a marketing proposal for a client, be sure to flick the switch on your status indicator to “preoccupied.” Your work colleagues will see that you are currently unavailable without actually bothering you and come back at another time. This could be crucial if you’re in a conference call with a client or finalizing a report before an immediate deadline.


Less stress


If you’re leaving things to the last minute, then a busylight can help you reduce all that stress and anxiety! If you’re more productive and focused on your work, you’ll find yourself reaching your workplace goals at a much faster rate. Say goodbye to stressing over last minute deadlines and rushed work – use a busylight to get your productivity back on track!


Customer centricity

Putting the customer first is a central pillar of an effective and durable business strategy. Products and services can change, develop and die, but the manner in which you treat your clients and customers is universal. You could be working as a sales representative, where direct customer interaction is essential. You need to ensure that the customer is the focus of your attention – it could be a business call through Skype or just a regular conference call. Either way, you can’t be getting distracted by work mates with the client on the other line. It looks very unprofessional and can undermine a company’s ability to retain customers and expand their client base.


Positive workplace environment

Installing a busylight at your office space can also help your entire workplace environment. Your colleagues may be impressed or intimidated by your work ethic and output. If they follow suit, it could lead to healthy competition within the working environment, which will improve output, quality of work and lift overall standards. Having strong work culture standards is another core component of long-term business success; and it could all start with a busylight.