‘Curb appeal’ is a phrase you may have seen thrown around home improvement and interior design articles when referring to the street view aesthetics of your home. Curb appeal simply means that exterior attractiveness of the house with features including the windows, door and entryway.

Naturally, curb appeal is also a buzzword in real estate circles and is popular with home buyers. So, if you’re looking to sell then you might want to follow the following tips on giving your home some much needed curb appeal.

Update the front door

The front door is a curb-side focal point and is much more important to the exterior aesthetics than many people give it credit for. A new door or just a refurbishing with a coat of paint can do wonders for the curb appeal of your home and create a refreshing vibe for home buyers.

Clean up the entryway

If you have a path leading up to your home make sure that it is well maintained and that there are no loose tiles or rouge patches of grass coming through the cracks. If you don’t have a pathway, then consider making one with some flat stones and flank them with small plants.

Add a garden

A front-yard garden is one of best additions to help create curb appeal for your home. It doesn’t need to an elaborate award winning garden, even some potted planted here and there will go a long way in making the entrance feel more connected to the natural world.

It can be a good idea to fill a garden will low-maintenance plants that suit the climate of the area the home is in. This is a great bullet point you can give to buyers who won’t be as worried about inheriting a garden that will need a lot of hard work.

Install new windows

Windows are viewed just as much as the front door as they are the only way for people to see inside, so they naturally draw attention. Make sure that any windows are clean and aren’t collecting gunk around the corners.

Remove any cobwebs and dirty marks from the windows. If the windows are grimy and unattractive that’s the vibe buyers are going to feel when they see them.

Experiment with the post box

The post box is an oft forgotten element of a home’s façade that can actually make quite a punctual statement for the sake of curb appeal. Having an elaborate post box or sign for the home address adds a cute factor that will delight buyers.