What does constitute good practice at the local print shop?

Where many clients have decided to run their own operation or attempt to switch as much of their material online as possible, these outlets have been considered redundant in some parts of the commercial community.

However, when it comes to effective forms of advertising and handling documentation and materials that are used by managers, employees and customers, tangible pieces of paper are still necessary.

Yet the ways and means of operating in this marketplace has changed drastically in the past 10-15 years.

What was traditional is now long forgotten as the standards, behaviours and expectations of the community has evolved.

Here we will offer some guiding tips and advice for business members and residents who want to be able to identify good practice within the printing industry.


On-Demand Printing Services

In 2019 a client will not want to have to return to their local print shop every time they require documentation. Nor will they wish to opt into an agreement that prints off large packages simply because it is beneficial for the outlet. Good practice is showcased in this industry when a provider offers on-demand options, allowing for a customer to pick and choose what they need and saving materials to be used at a later date where scheduled.


Client Customization

A modern print shop today needs to offer a degree of flexibility to their packaging, enabling business and residential clients the capacity to include elements and eliminate others at their own choosing. From formatting changes transitioning from JPEG to PDF, using branded templates, digital access through an online portal or newsletters and email notifications informing them about the latest news and developments – give the consumer the chance to customize their own agreement.


Environmentally Friendly Practices

“Going green” is a common buzzword that modern businesses like to adopt for their own image and reputation, but the local print shop can actually put those principles into action. By eliminating the use of certain cartridges and combining specialized machines that incorporates various types of printing needs, power use drops and resources are better managed. There will always be tactics and approaches that can be used to ensure environmentally sound practices, but talking about them and putting them into action are two very distinct things.


Marketing Tools


Software integration is a wonderful advent for a local print shop who needs to create an image that they are more than a distribution outlet for enterprises in the community. By offering their customers framing applications, filtering, formatting alterations, colour variations and paper material options, they are empowering the business to craft a marketing message that is in line with their brand. Companies in this industry have to bring something extra to the table and that can arrive in the form of graphic design, artistic presentation or videography – going above and beyond what traditional services would give.


Enhanced Security Features

With a centralised system that utilizes cloud technology, the local print shop in 2019 can today showcase state of the art security features. Images, documents and intricate layouts can be condensed and backed up with PIN codes, secured passwords and added storage to give the client extra guarantees. Where these files have been sent and uploaded via email and digital applications, it is vital that any printing outlet has the capability to protect these materials against hackers, viruses and unwanted external influences that can compromise or expose fragile information.



What constitutes good practice for a modern print shop is entirely subjective. The market will ultimately decide what they value and who is deserving of their business, yet there are some fundamental policies and approaches that help to define various providers, irrespective of brand reputation, location or resources.