They say, “learn from your mistakes”, but when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer Sydney based expert, neither is there a room for mistakes nor any scope for learning.

Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, you will not get another chance to document your Big Day. Therefore, make no mistake and follow these tips to hire the right wedding photographer.


Hire someone with experience and credibility

Ruining a photograph doesn’t require any skill or experience. Any aspiring photographer wielding a beginner’s camera can capture your wedding photographs at their worst. Does it make sense to pay for their shoddy work and let them have free lunch at your wedding? We don’t think so.

Hire someone with at least five years of experience as a wedding photography specialist in a metropolitan city like Sydney, along with commendable imagery enriching his/her portfolio. If your prospective photographer doesn’t have good photos to showcase, consider moving on.

Say ‘NO’ to iPhonography

Camera phones are all nice and easy to create digital imagery, but they do not fare well when it comes to print. Even the best photographer cannot guarantee brilliant pictures with an iPhone; so, what hopes do you have of a relative or a friend? While a camera phone comes in handy for off-the-record selfies, it’s not qualified to take pictures you will want to show off and cherish for the rest of your life.


Find a Wedding Photography package that work for you

It’s the photography package that should be tailored to your wedding and not the other way around. No two weddings are alike; therefore, a one-size-fits-all photography approach doesn’t make sense. If your prospective photographer is willing to bend and scale their package to meet your vision, he/she is the one. When you give your wedding photographer the freedom to think ‘outside the package’, you can expect a lot of creativity shining through your wedding photos.



Enquire about various styles

The way photos are taken at a wedding has changed a lot over the past few decades. Modern wedding photography can take multiple forms, and it’s up to you to choose any which you find a good fit for your vision. However, the budget remains more or less the same for all formats, so don’t settle for anything other than what you want. If your prospective photographer does not have multiple photography styles on offer, it’s a red flag, so keep looking.


Make sure your photographer is flexible with locations

If you want to organise your wedding outside of Sydney or wherever you are based, make sure your wedding photographer is ready to accompany you. In all its possibility, your wedding venue may differ from where you want your post-wedding photoshoot to take place. While most grumpy photographers refuse to travel from place to place, make sure yours is not one of them.


Stay away from “Cheap” Photographers

While it may be tempting to skimp on your wedding photography and hire an amateur photographer for half the price, the disappointment, in the end, will be bigger than the savings.

Photography is an art that is mastered through regular practice, which also requires time. And if your prospective photographer is a high school graduate, he/she is more concerned about saving up for the college fees than anything else. For them, you and your wedding don’t matter. Hire someone who is passionate about wedding photography and is not in here for money.