Smokers have every right to be particular about the types of products they decide to invest in.

This is an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy a pastime that has lasted generations.

Given the rate of change and innovation in the industry, there has been a growing appreciation for the use of Ozbongs double chamber bongs within the niche.

Whilst the single models have their own advantages, there are features that are entirely unique to this brand and cannot be sourced elsewhere.

Also going by the name multi-chamber or recycler bong, we will examine the quality features of this system for smokers who want to get the most out of their smoking experience.


Smooth Clean Hits

The first quality feature that is offered by double chamber bongs is the smooth clean hit provided when lighting up. This is a result of a scientific method that divides the water into two isolated sections. The filtration process is then repeated from one chamber to the next, cooling the smoke to a lower temperature and delivering a smooth clean hit that is consistent.


Less Cleaning Duties

There are smokers who will remain loyal to the single chamber model because it is easy to use and they don’t want the added complications that come with double chamber bongs. However, the fact remains that the more these single items are used, the greater the need to regularly clean the system for further use. These recycler brands do take longer for a single clean compared to their counterpart but over the span of weeks and months, there is less of a need to wash out and wipe down the product.


Durable Investment

A major knock-on benefit that derives from double chamber bongs given a lower rate of cleaning duties is a higher grade of durability. The single models have a shorter lifespan and whilst they will attract more attention with a cheaper retail price, customers will have to return to the store more often as the smaller bongs eventually crack, stain and wear out. The two-chamber system ensures a stronger filtration process, placing less of a strain when it comes to waste and residue.


bongPurchasing From Global Brands

There are few activities more convenient than shopping online for valuable products. Double chamber bongs fit into that category as smokers from all across the world have the ability to scour the market and import items for their personal use. Although it is an underground niche in some corners of the globe, the spread of the web and globalization has broken down barriers as users can purchase goods at any time of day from any market across the continents.


Variety of Styles and Designs

The amount of choice that can be sourced through double chamber bongs makes the investment an attractive proposition. From the popular clear glass designs that give a transparent aesthetic to robust ceramic materials, metal for a durable hardcore presentation and even plastic for the budget shoppers, there is no limit to what can be sourced. These items can be crafted to suit any styles and include logos or artwork to really enhance the personal value of the investment.



If smokers are still curious about the benefit of using double chamber bongs, they should sample the product for themselves and speak to fellow users who have experience with the product. The technicalities and complications can confuse the issue and make a straightforward activity appear as though it requires too much effort. The fact of the matter is the quality is increased across the board and many of the benefits that users enjoy with single system brands is replicated and enhanced.