Celebrating the birthday of your child is one of the most important days of the year. It’s a time to make sure your child enjoys the day and experiences a day of complete fun about them. There’s no better way to organise a birthday party than dressing up and celebrating with their favourite particular theme. Below are a number of different themes and styles that are perfect to make a child’s birthday that much more special.


A Backyard Camper’s Party

A lot of young children, especially boys love the idea of adventure and camping. The next best idea aside from camping in the outback itself is to host a camper’s party in the backyard instead. Make sure to add a hand painted sign with their name, alongside some complimentary helium balloons to add a bit of extra style to the camping theme.

During the party, make sure the kids have fun with a safe but classic campfire, sitting next to each other on logs, sharing stories and singing songs. It’s no true camping party without roasted marshmallows to go alongside the campfire either. Have explorer outfits and small adventure goodie bags that every child can enjoy so that the party is the best experience possible for your child. The last thing you want to forget is to bake some toasted treats that are made to suit the camping theme.


A Zoo Birthday Party Theme

If there’s one thing kids are sure to love, it’s the idea of playing with animals. With this theme, start off by making a children’s zoo by decorating the house and backyard with fun and fantastic animal ideas. A great way to do this is with paper balloons made out of their favourite animals like monkeys or dogs suspended in the air. To make it feel more like a real zoo, try setup a feed station stocked with a trail-mix buffet so that everyone can make their own treats to go.

A real fun way of exciting the kids with this zoo theme is to hand out animal masks to everyone with their most beloved animals. To make it feel like the real deal but still keep it within a safe environment, look into hiring an animal party expert who can bring some kid friendly animals like dogs, sheep and all other hosts of different animals.


A Water Themed Party

One of the most enjoyable and interactive themes for a kid’s birthday party is a water themed party where everyone can participate in a number of different games and spend the whole day occupied with endless fun. Decorate the backyard with fitting towels on the clothesline for a bit of colour and to dry the kids in between the games.

With a water theme, be sure to hand out different goodies like water goggles to each child, and lastly don’t forget a large cake, or better yet ice cream to compliment the hot day outside. One of the best ideas for water themed games is a game of dodgeball with soft to land inflatable balloons filled with water. If you’re interested in a different game, have the kids stand in a circle and pass the balloon around and the person who pops it ends up losing instead!