At some point every guy has fantasized about having their own personal ‘man-cave’ or den where they can pursue their hobbies, relax with their mates over some beers or watch sports matches without interruption.  While traditionally dismissed as joke about needing a break from their families, a lot of men are now actually creating these spaces or pure recreation and relaxation.

But how do you go about creating a ‘man-cave’? Let’s find out.

Pick a space

Before you automatically go with the garage, consider if that space has the right ventilation for the activities you want in the man-cave. If you are doing any hobbies like painting or using chemical mixtures you won’t want to have an enclosed space.

It’s also important to make sure the room is warm enough all year round and think about sourcing some temperature control measurers if it isn’t. Above all, make sure you have enough space for multiple entertainment items as that’s what truly defines a man-cave.

Start planning the layout and features

Now that you have a space, start planning based on what you want to use the room for. If you are setting up a sports watching or video game den for your and friends, you’ll want to have an adequately sized couch, perhaps a mini-fridge for beverages and even a toilet if it’s practical.

Some man-caves are almost like mini bunkers, equipped with all the necessities to survive the apocalypse. Unless you have a lot of cash to throw around, additions like a separate toilet might be a little too far-fetched.

Think about how the wires from your entertainment set-up will be organised. Use cable organisers to keep the important wires off the floor so they don’t get jumbled up or wet from a spill.

Acoustic panels might also be a worthwhile addition for the walls. They will help suppress the noise the room makes for people outside it while giving people in the room better acoustics, which is great for music.

Pretty it up with personal touches

After all the big changes are made, consider adding your own personal flair to the room. Movie posters, statues, figurines or anything else that’s appealing to you should be used to make the room really feel like it’s dedicated to you.

Make sure you have some wall space to add things over time and before you know it you’ll have an amazing man-cave with a whole lot of character to it.