If you have a room in your house that’s starting to feel like a secluded cave, it might be a sign that it’s too dark in there. This doesn’t mean that it’s hard to see but the overall tone and vibe of the room feels dreary and depressing.

Let’s take a look at some simple design tips to brighten up any dark room.

Use white

Some people believe that the clever use of mirrors is the best way to spread light around the room, but this is actually somewhat of a myth. The best way to reflect light around a room is with white furniture, couch pillows and fixtures because the non-hue white doesn’t absorb any colour.

The best method is to paint the walls white and see what effect that has before investing in furniture pieces and other additions.

Use black

While it may sound counterintuitive, using clever touches of a dark colour can help highlight the rest of the room. Include black in the more linear and thin elements such as chair frames, picture frames and long floor lamps.

Use wall lighting

Even if you have plenty of ceiling and pot lights, washing your wall with a fixed light can help spread more light around and illuminate the corner of the room. Clever use of wall lighting can make a room feel open and bright even if it doesn’t have any windows.

You can also be a little experimental here and use small lights or LED strips and affix them under cabinetry and others appliances like a fridge or entertainment unit. This can create a cool under-glow effect that makes the home feel a touch more electric and modern.

Use new lightbulbs

You can make the room feel like it has much more natural light by updating your old lightbulbs to new ones. You should get lights you can adjust to emit a daytime warm glow that looks great and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Use a bright area rug

While laminate and hardwood floors are still very popular, if the type of wood is especially dark it can drain the light from the room. It’s a good idea to break up to monotony of the flooring with some area rugs strategically placed around high traffic areas like adjacent to the couch or television.

Area rugs can be purchased in a great deal of different designs and patterns, so you can be pretty creative here. Just don’t pick a rug that’s darker than the floor!