An efficient office is a good office and one that all businesses strive for. The majority of efficiency comes down to the individuals own preferences and how they choose to work, although there are certainly a few things that the business owners can do to improve efficiency.

Things like providing basic amenities such as a kitchen, tea, coffee and snacks is an effective way for businesses to attempt to improve workplace efficiency as it creates a positive work environment. Having regular office rubbish removal in Sydney is also beneficial to help keep a tidy and clean work space.

From an individual perspective, it is about reducing distractions and maintaining an active mind. Goal setting and exercise most definitely help with this as it keeps the mind fresh and aids in maintaining motivation.

Here are some simple steps to improving efficiency in the workplace;

Create To-Do Lists

Creating a list of things that need to get done provides a clear outline of activities. Breaking down each task is also beneficial in understanding the difficulty of the task and roughly how long it is going to take. This creates a structured environment for which to complete each task and helps to improve productivity.

Additionally, having a to-do list means that each time a task is finished, it can be ticked off. This effectively establishes the achievement of a goal and maintains motivation for the succeeding tasks therefore further benefiting productivity levels.

Regular Breaks

Now this doesn’t mean working for 5 minutes and then taking a 10 minute break, but it is important to highlight the benefits of regular breaks throughout the day to help reset the mind.

Working all day is tiring, and some studies have shown that the brain cannot focus for more than 60 minutes at a time. As a result, it is recommended to take a 5-10 minute break every hour to refresh the brain and maintain productivity.

This break shouldn’t mean just switching over to Facebook for 10 minutes but should involve standing up and getting away from the desk. Even if it’s as simple as going to make a cup of coffee or just going for a brief walk around the building, anything that lets your eyes rest and means that there is no thinking required is a good break.

Hide your Phone

Our phones are becoming an increasingly bigger distraction due the shift in accessibility and processing power. There is almost nothing that can’t be accessed on a phone these days. As a result, they are a massive distraction and need to be left out of site. Turning off notifications and hiding it in a draw means that it is less likely to be accessed outside of the scheduled breaks.

There have been studies to show that even having your phone on your desk, and not even using it, reduces productivity. These studies further showed that having your phone within any visible sight range will ultimately reduce productivity regardless of the task. This only reiterates how important it is to put your phone away whilst working.

Provide the Basics

Whilst businesses will usually provide a desk, pens, paper a computer and printing facilities, not all of them offer a kitchen and other basic items.

By providing a kitchen, it not only allows for personal interaction between employees, but it also helps to make employees feel valued and important. Simple conveniences like tea, coffee and small snacks improve the employee’s feelings towards the business in a positive way.

Overall, this helps to build a positive work environment as employees care for the business and are willing to work hard. Essentially, this helps to build a relationship between the business and the employees beyond those whom they interact with regularly.

Rubbish Removal

Offices can become very full with rubbish from paper to food waste and the frequent replacement if broken chairs, computers or even just bringing in new furniture and appliances. This build-up of waste can take up a lot of space blocking walkways and getting in the way of basic tasks.

Hiring a service that completes office rubbish removal in Sydney is a great way to increase workplace efficiency whilst also making it look a lot nicer. When new furniture and appliances come in, they often ensure the throwing out of a lot of old furniture and appliances. That’s why getting office rubbish removal in Sydney is a great idea, so that these items are removed fast and don’t impact the workspace.