From the perspective of a patient, there are some facts that you should be aware of when it comes to the services of doctors on call.


The house visit is a service that has been considered to be phased out, but there are some unique circumstances in which they would qualify to be treated in such a fashion.


From a lack of mobility to being comfortable in their own surrounds or is suffering from an ailment that has been afflicted on location to have them trapped, stuck or compromised in some fashion, this type of service can be necessary.


There are providers who cater to this need either during business hours or after hours, but the conditions that come with such a call out are not consistent with what can be sourced at a doctor’s office or in an emergency room at a hospital.


Here we will take some time out to acknowledge those unique qualities in order for you to be more informed as the patient.

Requires Prior Transparency


Akin to seeing a doctor in the waiting room where a document must be filled out and a prior assessment taking place, doctors on call need you as the patient to inform the desk with as much detail as possible. That will give the doctor the best possible opportunity to treat the symptoms by coming equipped with the right tools and prescriptions. Offering these details over the phone might feel like a violation of privacy and whilst you are entitled to without that information, you should only blame yourself if the doctor is not prepared to treat you comprehensively if you do without that information.

More Details Needed For New Doctors


Such a talking point for doctors on call is even more pertinent if you happen to not have a prior relationship with the medical practitioner. New doctors have to be briefed in relation to medical history, the taking of any medication and basic details that relate to your condition. There will need to be a strong degree of patience if a new doctor has to be sourced as they check the documents on file and potentially confer with colleagues.

Expect Premium for the Bill


Doctors on call who head out on location to your premises won’t be operating as normal but extending a general courtesy. There will be a surcharge that is included in the final bill that accounts for their extra time spent and the revenue invested for the physical commute itself in the vehicle. This is part and parcel of any home delivered business model, but especially so when it comes to providing medical expertise on your doorstep.

Limited Amount of Services


When it comes to surgeries, tests, assessments and practices that need extensive medical equipment, doctors on call might not be in a position to treat you. They can cover most of the obvious ailments from earaches to gastro, some infections, rashes, breathing issues, general pains and migraines, but beyond that there are limitations.


Not to Substitute in Emergencies


Doctors on call will likely need upwards of three hours from the call time to the actual arrival. Should your situation be severe, then dialing for an ambulance or heading to the emergency room is the only suitable solution. No risks should be taken when your health is in jeopardy and waiting on a house call will simply not suffice in those instances.



Doctors on call should only be utilised if you meet a unique set of criteria. With elderly patients who need to be seen but are not in an emergency, or those who have limited mobility or simply prefer paying extra for the convenience, then this is acceptable. Should you as a patient not fit that description, then a call out doctor is not the solution for you.