Family court in Sydney is a tough place to go, somewhere where the most heated of arguments get settled. Families are disputing anything from child custody to domestic violence cases. Some of the cases fought here are not for the faint of hearted and can leave families completely broken and divided. But what matters are covered and what decisions are made? Below we’ll take a look at a few issues that are fought over. If you feel that you could benefit from legal proceedings be sure to contact a trained professional from The Norton Law Group for legal advice.


  1. Divorce or separation


If either party want a divorce or separation they must file a claim with the family court in Sydney. In either case, the judge decides on the recipient of everything that is jointly owned. Issues regarding alimony and child custody will also be discussed. While either party may also file for an annulment whereby one party claims they were forced or tricked into the marriage.


  1. Child custody battle

A child custody battle is one of the most hard fought in the family court in Sydney. These cases literally break up families. Once custody is won it can be the case whereby the winning party doesn’t even need to stay in the same country as their ex-wife or ex-husband, so long as the child is safe and they can prove they are moving away for legitimate reasons. They are often fought long and hard by both sides, each trying to uncover something bad about their ex and therefore moving the case in their favour. It is rarely pretty, and as with many legal proceedings involving families, can leave the two opposing parties with feelings of resentment for years to come afterwards.


  1. Adoptions

Family court in Sydney will look at cases regarding adoption or termination. They will examine why a parent is deemed fit to look after a child and therefore process the adoption, or why they are deemed unfit due to previous violence, neglect or abuse. The child’s safety will always be put first by the judge presiding over the case.


  1. Domestic violence cases


Cases involving domestic violence are never pretty. There are gruesome details of abuse that can leave physical and mental scars for years to come. Family court in Sydney aims to ensure that the abuser no longer has access to those they were abusing. This is usually enforced through a restraining order or through imprisonment. While the abuser will usually be forced to seek professional help.


  1. Juvenile matters

For any matters regarding underage children the family court in Sydney will preside over them and come to a verdict. These cases include ones whereby the child has been abused, neglected or abandoned. As well as this, they will also examine minors that need work permits or those that have been involved in criminal behaviour.


  1. Emancipation

Family court in Sydney also deals with those that are underage and wish to be free from their parent or guardians care. This may come about for a number of reasons including marriage and previous cases of abuse that have been examined by the court. Just like most other cases in this court, it is usually a drawn-out process such is the importance of the matter.

Family court in Sydney is a place where tough decisions are taken which can have a huge impact on a lot of people, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters to mention just a few. Make sure that you are fully aware of the consequences and likelihoods if you ever find yourself in the position that you need to go.