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Home Renovation & Interior Design

Renovate your Home the way you want – Home Decorating and Home Design Services In Australia

If you are contemplating on renovating your home and improving your home design, you are not alone as thousands of homeowners out there want to do the same thing. Home renovation is always a great idea whether you simply want to brighten up your living quarters or you intend to increase its market value. In any case, your options are endless if you want to undertake this type of project. You just have to make sure you take time out to plan, do some research and determine your allotted budget.

Perhaps you already have a clear picture in your head of what you want your “new” house to look. However, having such concept is one thing but accomplishing the task of home renovation and home design is another. In most instances, home renovations start with noble intentions but end up in a huge mess. Remember that it’s always easy to get excited and inspired but it’s not always easy to get the job done perfectly. Accomplishing the task of home renovation definitely requires skill and experience that’s why it is generally recommended to hire the services of professionals for your home design and decor. You may be surprised to know that most home renovations can be done by professionals for far less than you can imagine. You will save more in the long run than venturing on the task on your own.

Home Renovations & Home Decor in Australia

Home renovations/Home decor give homeowners the perfect opportunity to make their home design more conducive to live in, while making it a more valuable investment at the same time. However, decorating or renovating a home is never an easy undertaking. It’s something that entails a lot of planning, hard work and money to ensure that your renovation project achieves its purpose.

When done accordingly, simple home renovations can change the aura of your home and can often improve its overall feel. Nowadays, homeowners are taking initiatives in endowing their homes with a new decor/design to go along with new home decors. Home renovation can be a fun and exciting venture and some of the most common home decorating projects include bathroom design and kitchen renovations.

Any home renovation project goes hand-in-hand with the proper application of basic interior design methods. A great interior designer can create a pleasant ambiance just by putting together several home decors and unifying them into a single theme. There are certain motifs that can be employed such as eclectic, modern or even country style.

Interior design ought to be functional aside from being aesthetic. It can make a cluttered room look orderly or an otherwise small room appears spacious. The interior designers at AZ Precinct Person in Australia provide many home renovation and interior design tips to inexperienced homeowners. By being aware of such tips and by hiring our experts, you can minimize judgment errors and make your home design look classy yet functional.

Our team of interior designers at AZ Precinct Person (Sydney, Australia) have been doing home renovations in Australia for a decade – from living room renovations to kitchen and bathroom renovations. We have seen it and done it all when it comes to home renovations and home decor. A new bathroom can easily liven up your mornings, a new kitchen can provide an efficient area to prepare meals, a change in wall colour and new windows can dramatically change the ambiance of your rooms. We can get these done based on your preferences, time frame and budget. You can rest assured that the renovation project will go smoothly and end with the most favourable results.

Bathroom Design & Renovation

Improve the Elegance of your Bathroom – Bathroom Designs Sydney

Bathroom Design

Bathroom designs have come a long way, from conventional to contemporary, where bathing experience is now a luxury and not just a matter of personal hygiene. With the advent of modern technology and advanced engineering, the bathroom has evolved as far as it can and just like any other room in the house, it has been constantly changing in terms of design trends. That said, the design options for bathrooms are virtually limitless.

Over the years, bathroom designs have evolved from its simple toilet and bath purposes into an area where you can kick-back and relax. However, if you fell that your bathroom is lagging behind, there is no better time to consider the necessary bathroom renovation you can do than now.

Bathroom designers can make a world of difference when it comes to turning your bathroom into a pleasant place to start and end your day. Consider this: hotels, executive suites, luxury spa, malls, resorts, and just about every high priced dwelling seek the help of bathroom designers because when you want the best you need to go to the best to have it. In addition, you have to note that the bathroom involves technicalities such as the coordination between the electrical and the plumbing, hence, it is a smart idea to get some help to get the job done.

We at Mystique Interior Design understand that standard rules no longer apply as homeowners can be as imaginative and creative as they want in designing their bathrooms. We can help you design your dream bathroom from contemporary to shabby chic to fantasy, while taking into account your choice of finishes as well as the layout of all the bath pieces. Get in touch with our bathroom designers to turn your bathroom into something that is much more than a toilet, shower and sink combo. We can help you build your dream bathroom where you can escape from all the cares of daily living and get pampered and rejuvenated each time you enter.

Bathroom Renovation

With regard to bathroom renovation, you may be surprised to know that it ranks number one among Australian’s most commonly performed home improvements. This is simply because a lot of people nowadays consider their bathroom to be some form of personal retreat, a separate area which provides complete privacy. Bathroom renovation typically involves improving lighting fixtures, upgrading old and outdated bathroom accessories, replacing wall and floor tiles, along with other extra touches.

In all, bathroom design and renovation are easily the best place to start any home improvement project as you can accomplish a remarkable transformation with a little stretch of the imagination and a little splash of flair.

If you are interested in renovating your bathroom and give it a new design, get in touch with our Bathroom Designers at Mystique Interior Design.

Hotel Refurbishment & Custom Made Furniture

Commercial Furniture Design & Hotel Refurbishment

The main draw for any hotel is its interior design along with the list of amenities that it has to offer. Over time, the interior architecture and arrangements of the hotel may need to be refurbished in order to retain your valuable customers.

Contrary to common belief, hotel refurbishment can be very cost effective with a great potential of providing excellent results. Any additions such as new commercial furniture and furnishing, specialist equipment and fixtures, basement remodeling, carport conversions, fencing, wall painting and other aesthetic changes can prove to be a wise investment in the long run. Through hotel refurbishing services you can give a new look to your hotel and boost revenue by fetching the attention of more clients.

Commercial Furniture Design Sydney & Custom Made Furniture

Your furniture is an investment just like your home or the car that you drive. Come to think of it, you tend to shell out a lot of money on commercial furniture at your local department store but after a couple of years, the pieces start to fall apart. In the end, you’re simply wasting your hard-earned money on something that’s not going to last. So it’s about time that you consider buying custom-made furniture instead.

With custom-made,commercial furniture, you are actually paying for quality and durability. You also get the opportunity to specify exactly what you want for the spot in your home where you know the piece will fit and look great with an amazing furniture design. Another advantage of a customised furniture design is that you are virtually guaranteed that no one else is going to have it! With custom-made furniture design, you can proudly say that it is a one of a kind. More importantly, you get a piece that you really like because you had a hand in its creation and design.

Yacht Decor

When you purchased your yacht, you perhaps spent a lot of time focusing on its architecture, sea-worthiness, engine capabilities, square footage, among others. That’s all well and good and important too, however, it’s the interior design along with the types of yacht décor that can really make it feel more like a home away from home.

Yacht Decorating & Furnishing

Decorating and furnishing a yacht can be equally fun and exciting as decorating your own home. Remember that it’s the little luxurious details that really matter, so might as well go for luscious fabrics throughout the vessel. Consider soft lighting to complement the frescos on the ceiling; big flat screen TV and custom murals on the wall; a feeling of casual elegance in the game room or golden leaves on the stairway balustrades.

Try to bring the beauty and splendor of the sea indoors by choosing yacht décor that would blend perfectly with the interior design. Whatever décor and embellishments you choose, make sure it would elicit the “ooh” and “ahh” from your guests. Picking the right furniture for your yacht will also add comfort and elegance to its appearance.

Yacht Decor Services

Our professional Yacht Decor specialists are willing to listen and incorporate your own sense of style so your yacht reflects your personality. In general, most of your time is likely to be spent inside your yacht so the effort you put into decorating its interior would be well worth it.

Color Consultation

People are both fascinated and scared by the power of colour. In general, most people don’t understand the way colour works and are often taken aback by the multitude of choices available. Another reason is the fact that there’s a lot of art and science behind the use of colours.

Psychologists have even suggested that colour accounts for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of anything that we see. People basically react to colour on instinct and we react to colour before anything else – that’s why it’s so important. As you’re reading this you maybe asking how you can find your way through this to create an individual palette that will suit your home design or office fit outs. Enter the colour consultant, a professional with a vast knowledge of colours, general colour theory and design fundamentals.

A colour consultant’s job is to work with you to develop a colour scheme that fits your style and personality. Your colour consultant will also help you choose which trend is right for your home or office to make it stand out from the crowd.

More people than ever before are taking advantage of colour consultations to project a better image. Mystique Interior Design has a team of colour consultants and interior designers with years of experience and training; we can help you choose that perfect colour combination to meet your home and office needs.

Pre-Sale Presentation

Pre-sale presentation is an essential aspect of any business transaction. It pertains to the process that is normally carried out before a client is acquired. Its primary role is to match the client needs and specifications to the product or service that is being offered. This is crucial specifically in the interior design industry wherein the services are highly customizable and the requirements of different clients vary and are often unique.

Mystique Interior Design offers a pre-sales presentation before you actually hire the services of our seasoned and skilled interior decorators. This highlights the confidence we put on our services as we give you an idea of how well we understand your requirements and how our team works to deliver what we promised. However, we go beyond understanding your needs, we develop a view of the solution after which we tailor our service to meet your exact specifications.

Our pre-sales presentation gives you a fairly good idea of our team of diversely talented professionals who are committed to deliver results to your satisfaction. More importantly, what we say and what you hear from this pre-sales presentation is backed by years of experience in the industry, so you are assured of nothing but top-notch service.

Project Management

Project management is an art and a science with a goal driven methodology. It refers to the process of organizing and managing resources in such a manner that the resources deliver the task required to accomplish a project within a specified range, time, and cost constraint. Therefore, project management is the amalgamation of basic components which include control, leadership and teamwork – all of which are critical to a successful project.

At Mystique Interior Design, we view each project as unique and manage its various aspects with utmost care. Each team assigned to a project utilizes the combined talents and expertise of a number of dedicated professionals to meet your specifications and deliver a kind of service that would even exceed your expectations. We are focused on targeting a specific goal based on your needs and we are confident that we have the ability to handle each complex component of the job to reach the project schedule, cost and technical performance objectives.

Contact us at Mystique Interior Design for any inquiries or solutions to whatever design dilemma you might have. Kick back and relax while we take care of everything!

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