When re-selling it’s always a clever idea to refurbish parts of the home so they’re appealing to new home buyers. Nobody wants to buy a house that looks dilapidated and outdated aesthetically.

Some people merely throw a new coat of paint on the interiors and some go big and invest in a pool to increase the sell value of the home. Some projects for improving the marketability of the house are renovation money pits that will be more hassle than they’re worth.

Let’s take a look at some simple yet effective renovations that will turn you a profit upon selling.

Update the front door

The front door has major curb appeal and it’s hiding in plain sight. Many people forget how much of an important focal point the front door is as part of the overall façade of the house.

Buying a new door, using a new coat of paint or even just replacing the door knob and locks goes a long way in refreshing the vibe of the house.

Build a front-yard garden

A garden is a charming addition to any home that makes it feel more connected to the natural world and is a delight for children. It’s a good idea to source low-maintenance plants so that buyer’s don’t feel like they’re inheriting a lot of hard work when they buy your home.

New coat of paint

This is like giving your home a facelift so it looks pretty for home buyers. Stick with low intensity and neutral colours that will be appealing the majority of home buyers.

Stucco should be repainted every 5 to 6 years while wood should be repainted ever 3 to 7 years. Consider hiring professional painters if the job is too big to do yourself.

Eco-friendly additions

Modern home buyers are environmentally conscious and will look favourably on homes that have low-energy, low-water use appliances. Front-loading washing machines, attic insulation and tankless water heaters are great examples of value adding eco-friendly additions.

Kitchen and bathroom makeovers

It’s a common maxim in the real estate world that its bathrooms and kitchens that sell houses and there a lot of truth to this. Despite their importance, you don’t need to completely gut these room and start from scratch.

While an expensive modern kitchen and bathroom will add the most value, you can easily replace cupboards, appliances and sinks without tearing out the rest of the room. Make sure that the bathroom tiles are properly re-grouted so that it feels hygienic.