Simple, sleek and remarkably versatile, roller blinds are hugely popular in modern homes all throughout Australia. They are one of the few interior design pieces that can suit perfectly with any kind of residence, with a highly affordable cost making them an ideal light control and privacy solution.

With so many different kinds of roller blinds available, and with so many great benefits attached to them, how do you pick the right one for the interior of your home?

We’ve managed to put together a list of three crucial elements you need to consider when you make a decision to invest in roller blinds. Let’s take a look.

What fabric should you go with?

The best roller blinds are made from a diverse range of light blocking materials. There are fabrics that let light pass through without hindrance while there are others that completely block out all sunlight.

All these options are available to you and it really depends on what your preference is. However, there are certain fabric types that are more appropriate for certain rooms than others.

If the room is already very bright without us using any window furnishings, then you should go with a fabric that blocks at least half of the incoming light. This helps keep the room naturally lit when the roller blinds are closed.

If the room is very dark, however, go for the most screen friendly fabric possible. This will help to maximise the amount of light coming through and supply a valuable source of natural light.

Are there different ‘types’ of roller blinds?

A lot of people don’t actually seem to understand how many different kinds of roller blind there really are. From fully automatic types to dual blind systems and even ones that automatically adjust to the level of light that is present, there is a practical use for all of them. All of this works to give your greater choice and convenience, which is what you want with roller blinds.

If you lead a very busy lifestyle then you may benefit best from choosing an automated system, even if you have to spend a little more. In a similar light, there are some parts of the country where screening and blocking light is vita, and dual roller blinds can meet both those needs.

Other considerations

There are several other things to consider in your choice. If you have a younger family, then durability becomes a big concern and you may want to let go of a larger system in favour of a smaller one. This helps make sure that your system will remain taut, which means there is less chance children will damage them while playing.

Another thing to consider that you might have neglected is the direction and severity of the light that will hit the room when you are installing them. This is an important consideration as the UV radiation can pose a significant health risk if you are over exposed to it. In this case, it would be wise to invest in a fabric that is UV resistant. Many options are able to block up to 98% of UV rays, making them a highly effective solution.

Ultimately, your choice of roller blinds is going to come down to your personal preferences and the needs of your home. While there are many functional fabrics to choose from, you may choose to opt for something that’s more aesthetically pleasing than actually functional.

No matter what choice you make, remember that your choice or roller blinds is only one small part of the interior design of your home.