An angelic page boy suited up in Sydney, proudly marching down the aisle and bearing the wedding rings right in front of the lovely blushing bride. It’s an endearing image that will make any wedding guest’s heart melt. Extra cuteness points if he is accompanied by a matching flower girl.


Page boys in suits in Sydney are a fantastic way to include younger nephews or other relatives in the main procession. Yet, what you’ll often find is that boys that age very rarely do what you expect them to. Page boys are often under the age of eight, which means unpredictable behavior and a whole lot of fidgeting. Ensuring that you create the most natural and comfortable conditions for them to be in is crucial for the smooth operation of your important wedding day.


Their role has often been confused by people. Traditionally, a page boy in a suit in Sydney has to carry the wedding rings down the aisle, either at the head of the bridal procession in front of the flower girl or alongside her. However, as your wedding should be personally tailor to what your boy is comfortable with, some people opt for them to carry the bridal train or just walk in front of the bride.


Once the page boy in his suit struts down the aisle to the groom, he either passes the rings to him or the best man. If they are too young to stand with the best man through the ceremony, they will go sit with their relatives. Other roles may include distributing confetti to guests for them to throw over the newly-weds.


You might think that their outfit is simple – a suit. However, page boy suits in Sydney can be uncomfortable and restrictive for a child that age (similar to luxury boys christening rompers), so you must choose the outfit carefully. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you may choose to dress him up in style. However, especially as the boy gets older, they may resent that and rather a mini-version of the groom’s outfit. Whatever page boy suit you choose in Sydney, be prepared for them to alter it to their desire in order to run around and explore the exciting venue.


It is a daunting task for your young page boy in a suit to walk down the aisle with so many eyes fixated on him. For a child, it is a great deal of pressure to perform a certain way when he has an audience. Some tips to prevent the possibility that he may end up in tears and a tantrum include:

  • Ensure that the page boy in a suit comes to as many wedding rehearsals as possible in Sydney. Getting him well acquainted with the venue and people around him is crucial for him to become familiar with the foreign process. Remember, they are too young to grasp the significance of the situation – perhaps explain his role and what a wedding signifies to ease him into the situation.
  • Ensure that he has a proper night’s rest before the wedding. Tired children are unpredictable children – yet on the other hand, make sure he does not eat too much sugar before the ceremony either. Hyperactive kids can be quite amusing, depending on your wedding demographic, but can be exhausting to control.
  • There is always the worry that the page boy in a suit may drop the rings or even lose them. To prevent that from happening, either sew them onto the silk pillow with one stitch that can be easily broken at the altar, or just give him faux rings to carry. If so, the best man can carry the real rings in his pocket – this is a great way to add the child into the ceremony for extra interest, whilst ensuring that the actual ceremony does not go awry.


With these tips in mind, your little wedding helper will be well equipped on the day. Key reminder, the page boy’s suit in Sydney should really be tailored to his physique and size. There are many page boy suit shops in Sydney which can give you extra tips to prepare you on the important day. Don’t hold strict expectations for these children – their presence already adds a magical touch of innocence and gaiety to your special day.